River West Artworks
Original Art, Artisan Works and Photographs by Jan Jenkins and Brian Erickson


It sure has been a busy summer - from an artistic perspective I'm still catching up from being away at art camp in June. Some of the "hand-pulled original prints" I created then still need to be written up with certificates of authenticity, then custom matted and packaged. In the next few days I'll be away touring the Alpine regions of Austria, Germany and Switzerland with my sister. I'll be leaving behind a few works in progress to finish up on my return - an oil pastel sgraffito "Juniper", a pen & ink zenwork "Bouquet", design/color scheme plans for a new batch of tie-dye tshirts and woven cord braids for some new cord necklaces. Before I go though, I'll need to use my digital printer to print some limited edition art reproduction prints. If I don't, the print nozzles will clog when left unused for too long. Last year I invested in a lovely high-end Epson Stylus Pro 3880 printer that uses Epson Fine Art paper (100% cotton rag, acid free heavyweight paper) and Ultrachrome K3 ink, which is rated archival and lightfast. I've been making reproduction prints of my zenworks with this.

What is the difference between a "hand-pulled original print" and a "limited edition reproduction print"? The difference is a limited edition reproduction print is created by digitally scanning an original artwork and using the resulting digital image to make multiple copies using an electronic printer. A "hand-pulled original print" is created by carving a design into a surface, such as a piece of linoleum, then hand inking it, laying a blank piece of paper over it and either hand pressing it or running it through a manual press to transfer the ink from the design surface onto the paper.

One therefore is a machine made reproduction print of a photo taken of an original artwork, and the other a hand-made printmaker's original print from an inked plate carved with designs.

As an artist, I not only create original works of art such as my oil pastel sgraffitos and my pen&ink zenworks, but I also make quality reproduction prints of these, and distinctly different to that I also design and create hand-made original printmaker's prints. Each comes with a certificate of authenticity explaining whether it is an original, a reproduction print or an orginal print.

Reproduction Prints Hand made linocut print plate Pulling an original print