River West Artworks
Original Art, Artisan Works and Photographs by Jan Jenkins and Brian Erickson


(posted on 1 Oct 2021)

What artists do: I've been on a papermaking adventure the last few days. Never done it before, always wanted to. I like that you re-use all kinds old papers, emptied tea bags and so on to make something beautiful to write or art on. After watching a bunch of you-tube videos and gathering the equipment needed, I got going shredding and soaking paper overnight for blenderizing into pulp the next day. Day one was hard as I could not get the wet pressed paper to release easily from the screen onto the couch cloth. I thought maybe I added to much sizing to the slurry and diluted the slurry with more water, no diff. Many do-overs to get a dozen sheets made. Day two I went back to you-tube and caught a video demo where a bit of cooking oil was sparingly sprayed on the screen to condition it and that did the trick! I also realized I wasn't adding enough pulp in the slurry, making paper that was too thin and therefore harder to release. Day 3 today is hanging the remaining papers to dry, and removing overnight's hung dried sheets of paper from the couch cloths and pressing them flat. I can't wait to see how this hand-made paper works for creating art! I have a larger screen on order so will be saving more papers for round two! I want to experiment and add some botanicals and dried crumbled leaves and grasses to see what results. The joy of learning something new can be an up and down path but very rewarding.
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