River West Artworks
Original Art, Artisan Works and Photographs by Jan Jenkins and Brian Erickson


Brian and I spent Thursday travelling through southwestern Manitoba and it was all about the art. Our road trip first took us west to Russell, MB where the town recently replaced the deteriorating wooden arches adorning their main street with new metal structures.  Russell had issued a call for submissions last October for designs suited to cutting into 18"x10ft decorative metal plates to weld to the arches. I'm so very delighted that two of my designs were accepted!!! The photos are sample bits of my "Bees and Flax" and "Pickerel" works that will be used for two of the metal plates on the Russell Arches. We stopped in at the Tin House for a lovely lunch right across the street from where the artist presentations were taking place. A nice surprise was running into my artist friend Arlene Thickett whose design was also chosen. Next step is for Russell's metal worker to collaborate with each of us on tweaking our designs so that they can be cut into the metal plates. I can't wait to see what they look like when they are installed!


Our next stop was south to Souris and a visit to Lagasse's Studio of Fine Art to deliver different artworks and braided necklaces for display and sale there. Check out the cool Piano Bar for sale there!! Laggase's is a delightful gallery/studio/giftshop filled with beautiful handcrafted works by Manitoba artists and artisans. I am thrilled to be part of that! While there I learned that my "The Messenger" oil pastel sgraffito had found a new home. A big thank-you to Lagasse's Studio of Fine Art, the delightful Kathleen and her patrons. If you are in the Souris area, stop by Lagasse's to browse! 


And our last stop for Thursday's southern Manitoba Road trip was in Brandon for dinner and to stop in at Artist Heart Studio & Gallery to see my artist friend Linda Tame and pick up the beautiful painting by local artist Douglas Brolund that we had purchased on a prior visit. If you haven't been there, Linda's gallery is at 1108 Rosser Ave. I'm thrilled that my artworks are part of a group show there for May and June.  If you get a chance stop in - the artists works on display there are lovely. Linda had Artist Heart Studio & Gallery open for Thursday evening while the vintage car show was on along several blocks of Rosser which was closed off to traffic and turned into a promenade for the event. Brian aquired a stylish new hat, we saw some beautiful old motorcycles and cars that had been restored, and chatted with some of the owners. 


It was a lovely day for a travel adventure and a huge thank-you to me darlin'B for taking the Russell photos and doing all that driving - 577 km over 12 hours!