River West Artworks
Original Art, Artisan Works and Photographs by Jan Jenkins and Brian Erickson


(posted on 28 Aug 2017)

This year has just flown! Where did it go??? It's been a super creative year for me, thanks to being one of 5 artists invited to participate in the Parkland Rural Arts Mentorship Program led by professional artist Chris Cooper from Brandon and sponsored by Manitoba Arts Network and MAWA.  I never expected I would grow so much creatively, the support and encouragement from both our mentor and the other group members has been so inspiring.  Seeds were planted and ideas I'd been wanting to experiment with - such as my art as a repeating pattern and my art on fabric - is becoming a reality this year.  The mentorship program included one on one sessions, studio and gallery visits, group meetings, planning sessions covering artist statements, grant applications and more, and culminates in our group having a show in the community gallery space at the AGSM in Brandon this September.   

This past weekend was all about finding artistic inspiration in Riding Mountain National Park.  My Parkland Rural Arts Mentorship Group and I spent the weekend in the Park gathering inspiration from our surroundings on Saturday and then chatting with and demonstrating our craft to the public on Sunday.  A big thank you to our mentor Chris Cooper for facilitating this marvelous experience, to Wasagaming Community Arts for hosting and collaborating with us, and to Manitoba Arts Network and MAWA for providing Parkland rural artists with this amazing mentorship program opportunity.  I have met so many interesting and supportive people since embarking on this journey.  Now it is nose to the grindstone to ready my artwork for our group show at the AGSM in Brandon mid-September!!

Finding Inspiration   Rosehips on Wildrose Bush  Riding Mountain National Park

Tree Bark Beauty  By The Artists Cabin Explaining the creative process Hammered Bow on Art Table

Rosemarie with her needle felted neighbors  Clay artists Arlene and Derryl