River West Artworks
Original Art, Artisan Works and Photographs by Jan Jenkins and Brian Erickson


(posted on 29 Mar 2021)

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(posted on 29 Mar 2021)



One of the early 2021 initiatives Manitoba undertook to help folks winter during the pandemic was funding the arts for creative projects as part of a province wide stay safe at home program.  I was asked by the lovely folks at Wasagaming Community Arts if I would be interested in providing them with Meditative Meanderings, an instructional zendoodling tutorial, and was thrilled to help.  This was my first foray into the wonderful world of videoing live demos.  I admit it was quite the challenge, steep learning curve and frustrating struggle getting the equipment and software to work properly and to mentally sort out how to set the stage and do the recordings.  What was supposed to be a simple 20 minute demo ended up becoming a 3 part video set.   It finally all came together in the hands of Tye who worked his magic with editing and in the end I have to say it was a pleasure to collaborate with Wasagaming Community Arts to present these three meditative meandering zendoodling how-to videos as part of their Stay Safe at Home creative workshop series.  

Here are the youtube links for each video:

  Video #1  https://youtu.be/wnN9VydJhF8

  Video #2  https://youtu.be/CpOmOynVO9E


  Video #3  https://youtu.be/YVtETEE4XMk

For more information on Wasagaming Community Arts and to view additional creative workshops click on: 

(posted on 29 Mar 2021)

I am quite in love with the new jewelry Kitschy Wearable Art have created from my artworks, this time from my design "Tasse".  All their jewelry is hand-made in the USA using 304 Grade Stainless Steel and Tree Sap Resin - Nickel Free, Lead-Free with finishes in Silver, Gold and Black. $28 USD for either the necklace or the earrings, $49 USD for the set.  To view these and other delightful pieces designed from my artworks please visit my artists page on Kitschy at:  https://www.kitschywearableart.com/jan-jenkins-river-west-artworks
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(posted on 1 Mar 2021)



I was thrilled to recently participate in a half-hour interview session with Dana Kletke of MAWA (Mentoring Artists for Women's Art) as part of Manitoba Art Networks' Artist Conversation Series.  During the interview Dana asked about my artistic style and the inspiration for my body of work "Into The Wind" which MAN is exhibiting virtually on their website until the end of March.  I got a bit emotional opening myself up with why my art matters so much to me.   It is the biggest joy to lose myself in creating, and I've been making good use of the stay home covid restrictions by focusing on my craft and creative projects.   Click here for the YouTube link to my Artist Conversation Series interview with Dana.  And click here for the link to my "Into The Wind" virtual exhibition online with MAN. Enjoy! šŸ˜ƒ
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(posted on 28 Feb 2021)


I am so pleased to announce my collaboration with the talented Kitschy Wearable Art team.  Kitschy is creating beautiful jewelry from my artwork - necklaces, earrings, bracelets, keychains and more.  Here Kitschy has created a necklace and earrings from my artwork "Sacred Path".  Kitschy's working studio and gallery is in Tallahassee, Florida and all their jewelry is hand-made in the USA using 304 Grade Stainless Steel and Tree Sap Resin - Nickel Free, Lead-Free, with finishes in Silver, Gold and Black.  

Stay tuned, there are more of my artwork designs and my own collection page on their website coming soon!

Cost is $28 USD for either the necklace or the pair of earrings,  or $49 USD for the set.  

To view these items in Kitschy's shop click on either The Set or Necklace or Earrings

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(posted on 23 Feb 2021)

I just finished my first ever live TV interview with CTV Winnipeg promoting my "Into The Wind" exhibition, which is part of Manitoba Art Network's Stay Safe at Home Manitoba Free Online Gallery and Workshops Program.  Here is the link: https://winnipeg.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=2145794

"Into The Wind" is one of five exhibitions available for viewing at www.artgallery.manitobaartsnetwork.ca now until March 31st (ratz I forgot to say "now until March 31st" in the interview).

This body of work was inspired by recurring dream I have where I rise off the ground and fly over land.

I created these artworks while participating in a Manitoba Arts Network sponsored mentorship program (MAN partnered with MAWA).

Manitoba Arts Network is also airing live music and creative workshops online - you can check these out at www.manitobaartsnetwork.ca.

A huge thank you to Manitoba Arts Network and CTV News Winnipeg for the support you are providing to us Manitoba artists and creatives.



(posted on 28 Nov 2020)

Our local animal shelter The Parkland Humane Society is holding an online fundraiser auction in December.  The shelter and its hard working volunteers are an amazing support for our community and its vulnerable critters.  Brian and I have helped foster several dogs that needed placement, including our lovely Hershey, a senior boston bull terrier we fostered and adopted this year.  What a character he is!  Please consider making a donation towards their work.  If you are interested in bidding on this package donated by River West Artworks please go to the PHS 2020 Auction facebook page to connect with the auction organizers.  Thanks so much for your support.

Good morning fellow art lovers!  These are the artworks I and other members have been creating while under covid-lockdown for the Dauphin Art Group's Virtual Show and Sale. Click here to view each DAG member's artworks.  The theme this year was celebrating Manitoba's 150th Birthday with paintings depicting Manitoba life and landscapes. The DAG members are showing a unique representation of our province. The goal is to have the DAG members finish 150 artworks by December 31st.  This show went live November 1st and will run until January 15, 2021.  Enjoy!

Each piece is a uniform size of 5" x 7" and is mounted on a wooden box frame, wired and ready to hang.  Should you wish to purchase any of the pieces the price is $75.00 unless marked Not for Sale.  Please contact the artist directly if you are interested in their artwork.  

Here are the pieces I finished so far, still five more to go!





(posted on 10 Nov 2020)

I am truly honored that all of my pen and ink artworks submitted to the Manitoba Society of Artists online Open Juried Competition and Exhibition 2020 made the 80 artworks short list. 61 Manitoba artists participated with 143 artworks - and they were all amazing creative pieces.   Viewing of all 80 works will be available here until the new year.  https://msaojce.com/


(posted on 10 Nov 2020)

Me darlin'B and I drove to Russell MB on Saturday. The ride there was beautiful as there was hoarfrost everywhere along with a bit of fog, turning the landscape into magical scene - ratz i did not take photos. This was to set up a retrospective display of my art (25 pieces) in the Russell Library's art gallery. A huge thanks to Allan Tataryn and Arlene Thickett of Prairie Arts cARTel for inviting me there and helping me set up the exhibit. And to me darlin'B for doing all the driving there and back. FYI, masks and social distancing was in effect during set up. The show is on until mid-January 2021. I did up little story cards for folks to read about each of the artworks, hopefully they enjoy the display!





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