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Original Art, Artisan Works and Photographs by Jan Jenkins and Brian Erickson


(posted on 25 Jul 2018)

I have had a most amazing 10 day artist residency Jul6-16 in Kelwood MB, home of the Harvest Sun Music Festival. A big thank-you to organizer Nadia Kuhl, artist Kathy Levandoski and their families, what a treat to get to know these amazing Kelwood folks. I stayed at The Tiny House On The Prairie with large studio space set up in an adjacent empty character home.  It's been on my bucket list for a while to stay in a tinyhouse and also do an artist residency!  I spent my time creating gelli-plate prints plus a pen and ink inspired by the plantlife on the ground around there, painted a 4x4" barnquilt to hang in the community, wandered around taking photos, demo'd gelliplate printmaking for some folks, toured artist Kathy's studio space, accompanied her to Wasagaming Art Gallery to see their latest exhibitions, and more! I encourage anyone who is interested in artist residencies to apply. A great way to be able to focus on your craft. If you are interested in experiencing an artist residency, check out their webpage and online application here:  https://www.thetinyhouseontheprairie.com/





(posted on 25 Jul 2018)

Blog catchup!!  Its been a delightfully busy and creative spring and summer.  Poor Michaels in Onanole opened for the season in April and set up a lovely display of my artwork and artcards available for purchase there.  In May I was thrilled to be part of "Unearthed" group show with my Rural Arts Mentorship Program artist friends at the Wasagaming Community Arts Centre in Riding Mountain National Park May25-Jun12.  In June I attended Arts West Council's annual artcamp at the Riding Mountain Conference Centre and learned traditional Japanese woodblock printing with Winnipeg artist and printmaker Peter Graham.  I love my creative life!! 

Poor Michaels  Parkland Juried Art Show

Unearthed Group Show  Unearthed Group Show  

Moku Hanga  Moku Hanga  Moku Hanga

Key Block  A week's work!

(posted on 3 Mar 2018)

Wow what an amazing experience and privilege to have my art displayed at the beautiful historic 12th Street Studio/Gallery/B&B with such gracious hosts Amy and Peter Buehler.  I was thrilled to connect with other creatives and meet new friends at the open reception last night.  And a big thank you to my darling husband Brian for his support in participating in my adventure, driving me and my art here and there and taking photographs.  Here are a few photos of the lovely display of my art set up by Amy.  My art and the creative adventure I am on is bringing me such joy I am filled with gratitude and truly blessed!  My work is on display at the 12th Street Studio/Gallery/B&B until April 25th.



(posted on 16 Feb 2018)

The last 2 months have just slipped by... My "In The Wind" body of work will be moving to Brandon for March/April and will be on exhibit at the lovely historic 12th Street Studio/Gallery/B&B with the opening reception 2 March at 7pm.  Here is the Brandon show announcement and photos of just a few of the art pieces on display at the Watson Art Centre until the end February.  We did a Lunch 'n Learn artist talk at noon back in January where I demonstrated how to make a repeating pattern and talked about how I created the wallpaper, scarves and other print-on-demand items using digitized repeating patterns of my original artwork.  Looking forward to a trip to Brandon in a couple weeks! Enjoy your weekend everyone! 






(posted on 2 Jan 2018)

Happy New Year everyone!

Thrilled to have these 2 exhibitions going on in my home town.  What If's display at the Library has been extended into 2018... 


(posted on 8 Oct 2017)

Spent yesterday readying my artwork for Dauphin Art Group's upcoming member show and sale on at the Watson Art Centre for November and December! It was difficult choosing which ones to go with, plus I had to switch out other artwork to free up frames as I didn't have spares of what I needed. All done!  Enjoy your thanksgiving weekend everyone!


(posted on 3 Oct 2017)

I spent yesterday hanging my "What If...?" exhibition - a collection of over 30 original artworks I have created.  Alongside each art piece are write-ups explaining what inspired the work, the processes/techniques used, poems, stories and other info relating to each.  Creating art is much more than just sitting down and drawing, I love the time I spend researching the subjects, learning about their symbolism, etc. This work will be on display at the Dauphin Public Library until Nov 30th. I will also be giving an artist slideshow presentation October 18th at 7pm to talk about some of these artworks. Look forward to seeing those of you who can make it!  Here's just a few of the works on display...


Artist Statement

“WHAT IF?” reflects my recent journey as a visual artist and poet.  I love expressing myself creatively in a variety of ways - I’m a generalist at heart and it shows!   

The designs I create are inspired by my love of repeating patterns and my need to establish order from chaos, to make art that gives me, the creator,  a peaceful and meditative experience, where I lose myself in creating.   My artworks emerge through a tranquil, meditative process that frees me to explore and experiment with line, shape and colour.  Time has no meaning when I’m creating and the artwork takes as long as it needs to take.  Each is an adventure in “what if...?” and I get such joy from researching subject matter, discovering its’ symbolism and the legends written about them.   The whole creative process, from walking around taking photos and finding inspiration - to contemplating  ideas and turning a thought into a physical reality, all of it gives me great satisfaction.  If I like the visual end result, well that’s a bonus!

This collection of work spans four years and is only thirty out of the many artworks I’ve created during that time.  There’s several art forms displayed here– pen and ink zenworks, oil pastel sgraffitos, linocuts printed in a variety of ways, mixed media collage, monotypes, a monoprint and a photograph.  Each piece has its own story on how it came to be, and every medium I use seems to have its own signature look and feel when I work with it.

I am very grateful for the artistic support and learning opportunities I’ve had here in Dauphin with the Dauphin Art Group, the Watson Art Centre, and others.  It’s been a delight to connect with so many talented Manitoba artists and arts-related organizations.   Collaborating and working with other artists and instructors, sharing insights and ideas, has been a marvelous and invigorating creative learning adventure.   What a wonderful way to make new friends!

Artist Bio

Jan Jenkins grew up west of Montreal where the Ottawa and St. Lawrence rivers meet.  After early retiring from Alberta’s energy industry, she moved to Manitoba where she now pursues her life-long passion – designing and creating original art for smaller spaces and wearable art for that unique look.  A generalist at heart, Jan works in a variety of mediums – pen and ink, oil pastel, printmaking, mixed media, photography, tie-dye and penny and wire-wrapped stone jewelry.   Her training includes MFA-instructed art classes, workshops and retreats.  Jan is connected with the Manitoba arts scene through her membership and participation in a number of arts-related organizations and juried competitions, where her original creations have received recognition and been displayed in group exhibitions at fine art galleries in Manitoba.  Jan occasionally teaches art classes in Dauphin, and volunteers with The Watson Art Centre and Dauphin Art Group.  She sells her artwork through arts and artisan outlets in Manitoba and Alberta.  For more information about Jan and her creations, please visit her website www.RiverWestArtworks.com.



Yardfringe 2017 took place all around Dauphin September 30th as part of Culture Days celebrations.  We were one of the hosting venues with an art related activity for the cyclists who participated in this cultural adventure.  So what do the following have in common? 61 Yardfringer created unique styrofoam designs, 16 different 'favorite' colours, and one silly artist (me) .... Why THE GRAND HUMAN ART EXPERIMENT of course! Stay tuned for when the collaborative result is ready for viewing at the Watson Art Centre!! Thank you to all of our community members for participating in Culture Days and Yardfringe and to all of those who volunteered their time and energy to make it such a marvelous community experience!!! Remember its the joy of the journey, not just your destination, that counts!


(posted on 3 Oct 2017)

What a wonderfully inspiring and educational adventure this "PATH" has taken me on! Our rural arts mentorship program group show is on until Nov4th in the Meet Art Agsm Community Gallery. A huge thank you to mentor Chris Cooper, sponsors MAN and MAWA and AGSM for making this all possible! And such an awesome supportive group to have been part of with fellow mentee artists Derryl May, Arlene Thickett, Morag Schonken, Jenna Alexander and Rosemarie Peloquin...



(posted on 14 Sep 2017)

I am thrilled to be part of "PATH" our Rural Arts Mentorship Program group show now on in Brandon Sept 14-Nov4th, with open reception September 28th.  I'm very grateful I was given the opportunity to be part of this program and kudos to our mentor and curator Chris Cooper for being so supportive and caring and encouraging us to explore new ways with our creative passions.  It will be interesting to see the work of the last year all hanging in one spot!   I also just finalized the poster for "WHAT IF...?" a solo show and artist talk I'm having at the Dauphin Public Library during Oct 2-Nov30 - this show reflects my creative journey of the past 4 years in pen and ink, oil pastel, printmaking and more.   No such thing as retirement for us artists!!! Enjoy your Thursday everyone!


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