River West Artworks
Original Art, Artisan Works and Photographs by Jan Jenkins and Brian Erickson


“Migration” is a reflective piece expressing my need to bring order to chaos, to make art that provides a peaceful and meditative experience, where I lose myself in the creative process. “Migration” is part of a body of work inspired by my original “In The Wind” pen and ink repeating pattern design and accompanying poem, which references migrating seeds that bring hope and the promise of new life in their wandering way. I wanted to see how specific subject matter from my original design would lend itself to batik painting on rice paper. I created “Migration” by hand drawing on rice paper with ink and then using watercolour with a beeswax resist. My creative works emerge via a tranquil, meditative process that frees me to explore and experiment with line, shape and colour.

Watercolour with Wax Resist and ink embellishments on acid-free rice paper. The Original is a 7" x 8.5" artwork matted to fit an 11" x 14" frame. Price for this original watercolour batik is: $155 (with mat only), $185 (with mat and frame), plus taxes and shipping.

Also available: Limited Edition Reproduction Print (run of 75) of the Pen and Ink original. Printed on Epson archival 100% rag paper with Epson Archival Inks. The 7" x 8.5" reproduction is matted to 8x10". Price with backmat is $45 plus taxes and shipping.