River West Artworks
Original Art, Artisan Works and Photographs by Jan Jenkins and Brian Erickson

Walking The Line *SOLD*

"Walking The Line" is a 5x7" pen and ink with watercolor inspired by the railway tracks where I grew up west of Montreal. As kids, my sister, brother and I would walk along the tracks, waiting for a train, pennies jingling in our pockets. Once we heard the train sounding in the distance we would put a penny or two on the track and then back away to a safe distance, waiting for the train to rumble by and flatten our pennies. A trick our father had taught us to do. We'd bring these copper treasures home, proudly showing them off, then tossing them on bedroom shelves and in dresser drawers – lost long ago – only memories remain of pennies flattened then abandoned in our youth...

5x7" pen and ink with watercolor. Price $135 matted to 8x10" frame, $155 with mat and 8x10" frame.