River West Artworks
Original Art, Artisan Works and Photographs by Jan Jenkins and Brian Erickson


In the 1950's a Great White Pelican was wounded and stranded by a storm off the coast of Mykonos Island. A local fisherman found the pelican and nursed her back to health, but instead of flying off to rejoin her flock, she made Mykonos her home, remaining on the island and supported by locals. The locals jokingly gave her the name “Petros”, as "petro" in Greek not only means "rock" or "stone" but also "old" and "grumpy". Over the years, Petros became the official mascot of the island, adored by locals and tourists alike, including Jackie Kennedy who met Petros on her first visit to Mykonos in 1961. The life expectancy of Great White Pelicans in the wild is around 51 years but to everyone's great disappointment, Petros was hit by a car in 1985 and did not recover. The people of Mykonos so deeply mourned her loss, that Jackie Kennedy-Onassis came to the rescue, donating another pelican to the island, "Irini". The Hamburg Zoo also donated a pelican named "Petros". And then another injured Pelican was found in Mykonos and nursed by the locals. They named the Pelican "Nikolas". So now, on Mykonos, there are not one but three Pelicans that can be seen wandering about the harbor.

"Petros" is an 11" x 14" original artwork on acid free paper paper matted to fit a 16"x20" frame. This artwork was done with oil pastel in sgraffito method. Practiced in Italy since the 1730’s, Sgraffito is an old and beautiful “subtractive” method of creating images by scraping away a surface of medium in patterns and shapes to expose underlying layer(s) of color.