River West Artworks
Original Art, Artisan Works and Photographs by Jan Jenkins and Brian Erickson

Gardener Of The Forest

My story about Gardener Of The Forest: In Asia and Africa elephants are integral to forest bio-diversity and health. Most tropical forest trees rely on animals to disburse their seeds, and elephant is ultimate at that. Elephants consuming fruits and dispersing seeds over distant ranges is vital for forest’s ongoing survival. As gardener of the forest and a matriarchal society, feminine wisdom is rich in elephant’s world. Known for their altruistic and compassionate treatment of each other and the ability to communicate over vast distances, elephant connects us with universal law of oneness, opening us up to deeper caring for good and betterment of the whole and for future generations. This artwork was created by block printing with a linocut onto pre-treated paper. Block printing is an ancient printing technique where the artist carves a design into a solid block of material (such as wood, lino or styrofoam) much like a stamp. Once the design is complete, the block is inked with a roller and the block is then applied to paper, fabric or other surfaces.

These varied edition prints (edition run of 50) are 8x10" in ink over acrylic on paper, matted to fit an 11x14" frame. Price is $115 plus handling, shipping and taxes.