River West Artworks
Original Art, Artisan Works and Photographs by Jan Jenkins and Brian Erickson

Standing Tall

“Standng Tall”, a varied edition original hand-pulled print, illustrates the delicate yet vigorous strength of the natural world around us…the will to survive and thrive despite the odds It was created by block printing with a linocut onto dampened paper and run through a press to achieve an embossed effect. Block printing is an ancient printing technique where the artist carves a design into a solid block of material (such as wood, lino or styrofoam) much like a stamp. Once the design is complete, the block is inked with a roller and the block is then applied to paper, fabric or other surfaces. The carved areas will not show in the final product, while the raised portions left behind will print.

This 4 x 6" artwork is matted to fit an 8 x 10" frame. Price is $50 matted. Framing, shipping and taxes are extra.