River West Artworks
Original Art, Artisan Works and Photographs by Jan Jenkins and Brian Erickson


“Windfloater” was inspired by my original “In The Wind” pen and ink repeating pattern design and accompanying poem referencing migrating seeds that bring hope and the promise of new life. This monoprint is a unique image created from a plexiglass plate with my “Windfloater” design scratched into it and applying ink colors in varying ways. This monoprint was done with oil based inks, first the black was pressed into the scratched design on the plate, then removed from the surface and other color(s) thinly applied and manipulated a la poupee. The inked plate image was then transferred from the plate onto dampened paper.

3"x4" image matted to 8x10". Price: $50 matted. Framing, taxes and shipping are extra.


In the wind high on the breeze
you’ll find me chasing earth’s slow shift
where leaves slip quietly from trees,
they float afar… wend their way down,
blanket landscapes terraced by time and mist.
Rain and moss carve cracks in rock while dragons fly,
eat from air, and high above in the wind,
amongst these leaves and traveling seeds, I fly free
over hills that fill my bird’s eye view
with patterns and the colour of change.
With wings I climb, my eyes scan ground and sky,
and in my dream I dance the air - soaring, soaring high -
dodging lacey leaves and hopeful seeds migrating in the wind
to places few have ever been.
Once there, they rest a while, then spring to life,
paint the earth with promise tinged a soft new green.

by Jan Jenkins, 30 August 2017