River West Artworks
Original Art, Artisan Works and Photographs by Jan Jenkins and Brian Erickson

Land of a Thousand Suns

“Oh land of a thousand suns you reveal yourself in dreamy glimpses as I sit along the river’s edge - and there my soul grows quiet in the green and peace of the grandest views - and sweet air breezes by, kissing my cheeks, scented by wildflowers trailing down the mountainsides... “ My Zenworks express my love of pen and ink and a desire to meld symbolism with abstract imagery created through spontaneous strokes and repetitive patterns. Zenworks emerge via a tranquil, meditative process that frees me to explore and experiment with line, shape and colour.

Pen and Ink on acid-free paper. Original 5"x7" artwork matted to fit an 8"x10" frame.

Price for this original Pen & Ink: $135 (with mat only), $155 (with mat and frame), plus taxes and shipping.