River West Artworks
Original Art, Artisan Works and Photographs by Jan Jenkins and Brian Erickson

Love Yourself

"Love Yourself" is a Mandala Zenwork in Pen and Ink with Watercolor. Done in layers - watercolor wash, ink stenciling, inked mantra written in white pen, black india ink with white pen embellishments. The mantra written into this artpiece is as follows: "Love yourself. That is what we all need, that we seek to be friends with ourselves, to come to know our own heart and spirit, to walk the paths that are ours, to dance the journey sometimes solo, sometimes in company, and in spite of the rocks and rivers that bar the way. To accept ourselves and appreciate we are unique and deserving, that expressing pure self is the meaning of life, the way to finding our soul mates and friends, feeling comfortable in our authenticity, bliss at being in our own skin and in love with life. Love ourselves and others who resonate along the same vibration will hear our wind song, follow it and find us, join our circle, creating our community with a momentum of positive energy that nurtures and sustains. We, who are happy with ourselves freely express the joy of living, of being us, of knowing no matter what else, we love ourselves and that is all that counts for if we love ourselves we will thrive, our own self being satisfying company, and we shall build positive relationships and life experiences based on kindness, acceptance, tolerance and respect and a childlike wonder and curiosity that will carry us forward in ways we could never have dreamed of. Love yourself."

10.75" x 14.25" mixed media (watercolor, ink, pen and ink) zenwork on acid free paper. Matted to fit a 16" x 20" frame.

Price for this original Pen & Ink: $210 (matted) plus taxes and shipping.